Loading Previous Training Records from other LMS

Backend functionalities: user management, course management, reports, certificates, etc.
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Loading Previous Training Records from other LMS

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We are migrating from another 'home grown' LMS system. I was wondering if there was a relatively easy way for me to load previous certifications (or courses already taken) with dates. I have looked through the other tutorials, but this particular administrative function is not among them. I am proficient in SQL, so if there are tables which I can manually add these, that would probably also work. I'm running off on an XAMPP platform to run the LMS and am the administrator.



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Re: Loading Previous Training Records from other LMS

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Hi Chrisand
Move data from one platform to another one is an hard job.
There are very few tools that made the job from known platform, from one that is an "home made" platform is a very specific task.
You must create user and course in the new platform, than build (by hand?) tables to maps old to new objects and then build a move task . Debug the movement, made the translation and then final adjust little misconfigurations.

We can help you to build your own , but is a paid service

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