Joining the website as a teacher

Backend functionalities: user management, course management, reports, certificates, etc.
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Joining the website as a teacher

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I am in the process of evaluating FormaLMS for a group of educational institutions. So far, I have studied basic functions of the LMS (ver. 2.0) and now I am launching into a bit "deeper" issues.

As far as I can see, it is not possible for the website administrator to set the website so that users can choose to join the website either as a student or as a student (a function that exists in Chamilo and ATutor). Is it possible to make changes on user roles so that users can join the website as instructors AND immediately after that creating their own courses?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Joining the website as a teacher

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welcome on board!

In FormaLms, you are either a Superadmin, an Admin or a user as far as the Administration area is concerned. If user can self-register, they will be registered as users. It is currently not possible to have somebody self-register as an admin, although a customer has asked us to quote that functionality and we have already analysed it and priced it.

Remember that only a Superadmin or an administrator can create courses (a course, in Forma Lms, is just an empty container) since they are the only ones who access the backend. While a teacher can be a simple "user" that has teacher's privileges for one or more courses.

That said, enrolling users as teachers and letting them create and upload materials is just one click.
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