Probleme with scorm

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Probleme with scorm

Post by gihel »

Hi everybody.
when I click on the course (scorm 2004)
I have the message :

Load from xml:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><item id="Devenir_Tuteur_IKEA_ORG" isLeaf="" package="7" prerequisites="1" status="not attempted" uniqueid="9" resource=""><title>Devenir Tuteur IKEA</title>
<item id="Click&Reveal_SCO" isLeaf="1" identifierref="__6ZnOUP47plw_course_id_RES" prerequisites="1" status="not attempted" uniqueid="9" resource="9"><title>Click&amp;Reveal</title>

What you think about that ?

Thank you

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Re: Probleme with scorm

Post by alfa24 »

You have a private message.
I'm Jasmines, the One. If you need, you can contact me.

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