Student Course Progress

Anything about what happens on the user and teacher side
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Student Course Progress

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As an Admin is there a way to review where a student is in the progression of a course? i.e., The student has taken the course but not the quiz or a student has finished some modules but not completed the course? The only three things I can find are "not started", "in progress" and "completed". I have a student who is having an issue and it would be helpful for me to be able to see his progression in order to help.

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Re: Student Course Progress

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What about stat area in Course menu?

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Re: Student Course Progress

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Just like jasmines wrote, in the stat area you have:
- usage stats: you can see all the accesses and all the operations done by every single user
- stats by object: you can see a list of all the objects and see who did what in every object
- stats by user: you can see the progression of each student in the course materials and you can drill down to what he did in every object. Additional information of course depending on the type of object: if it's a pdf it's just opened or not, if it's a test you can have the scores and so on...

What kind of issue is your student having?
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