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button to next topic

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Hi i wanted to display on each learning object a button so the user can jump to the next topic on the course. Is this possible? How can i do it?

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Re: button to next topic

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You cannot do what you described with Forma Lms functions.

I'm giving you my 2 cents, although I am not a developer I have seen many of these ideas in the past.

Even if you want to do a custom development to achieve that, it's not very simple from a logical point of view. It's also not easy to design: how would you do that if your LO is for example a pdf (that opens in the user's local drive?)
If the LO is something built with the LMS tools it could be a little easier (the button would have to reference the next object in the same course).
If the LO is a scorm object, you would have to modify the scorm player to include the button.

In the past we did something a little bit similar to what you want, by using an html page with an iFrame linking to the 4 scorms included in the course. And having the course play directly the first LO upon accessing the course.
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