Recording of Graded Quizes & Survey Quizzes on Docebo

Anything about what happens on the user and teacher side
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Recording of Graded Quizes & Survey Quizzes on Docebo

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Hi, I have a problem in relation to the recording of quizzes using Articulate Storyline,

I can record all my Graded quizzes but have one feedback quiz done as a survey,

My survey results or answers is not recorded, and I cannot view any of the feedback given?

Is anyone else having this problem or have a solution

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Re: Recording of Graded Quizes & Survey Quizzes on Docebo

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Hi Colin,
welcome to the community.

Actually, regardless of the tool you are using (Storyline or other tools), the behaviour you report is... normal.

Graded SCORM quizzes allow user to achieve a score, and that score can be recorded into the Gradebook, since the answers given were either right or wrong and anyway had a specific score.

Surveys do not have scores, therefore the SCORM object cannot communicate anything to the LMS.

At least, all of the above is true for Docebo CE 4xx and Forma Lms, I don't know if you have been able to see survey results in other LMS. In that case I would be curious to know about that.

Solution: in my opinion, you have 2 options. Both involve using the LMS built-in features.

- you can use the "poll" learning object (one of the objects you can create with the LMS). Please be aware that you'll be able to see aggregated statistics but you won't see individual answers, this object is built like that. Also be aware that some issues with the object completion status have been reported.

- you can use the "test" learning object to create a survey. Although it might seem counter-intuitive, it gives you nothing but advantages. You get aggregated stats + you can know who has answered what. Just hide (in the object configuration) the automatic object description and set the minimum passing score to "0". We have done hundreds of surveys that way.
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