Teacher and Group

Anything about what happens on the user and teacher side
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Teacher and Group

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I would like to share with all my teachers 10 standard courses I've created and then each teacher could add and share new learning objects with their own group of students.
But I don't want that the learning objects created by teachers be shared with other teachers and other students and modify my standard courses.
Each group of student have to access to the standard courses + the learning objects created by their own teacher only.
Do I have to duplicate the 10 standard courses each time I register a new teacher to make sure that the teacher can share his learning object with their own student ?
How the group work on forma lms ?
Thank you very much

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Re: Teacher and Group

Post by alberto »

Since each teacher has his own students and materials, the easiest solution is to have a course for each teacher
If all the students of a teacher need to access all the materials from that teacher, then you could consider creating a single course with 10 modules or folders instead of 10 courses

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