SCORM from articulate storyline

Anything about what happens on the user and teacher side
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SCORM from articulate storyline

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I have uploaded my scorm 1.2 in forma lms. I tried to the quiz as a student but when I click on the button Validate. It does not send the result to forma lms.
I use Articulate storyline. It works on moodle.
Do I have to do something specific when I export my module on Articulate storyline to make it compatible with forma lms ?
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Re: SCORM from articulate storyline

Post by alfa24 »

What version of Forma?

What browsers/versions?

What version of Articulate?

How did you publish?
HTML5 only?
Flash only?
HTML5/fallback flash?
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Re: SCORM from articulate storyline

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Also, what publishing options (completed - incomplete, passed-failed) and what kind of completion method (slide number? results slide? ...).
It also works on Forma, we've been using articulate tools since... forever
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