Question Types

Anything about what happens on the user and teacher side
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Question Types

Post by tylerjohnson »

Hi, I am new here and am trying to find information on what Question Types are. Looking to find out what Hot Text, Inline Choice, Association, etc are. It would be great if there was a glossary but can't find anything.

Thank you in advance! Hope to one day help build the documentation as a way to pay it forward.

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Re: Question Types

Post by max »

Hi Tyler,
welcome on board!

Right now, documentation is available in the Installation and Configuration forum.
Tutorials are here:

We're in the process of adding a new section to the website with updated and improved documentation. It should be available in a few weeks.

Hot Text > if I remember well, you're supposed to fill the blank with the missing word
Inline choice> the possible answers are in dropdown menu
Association> items are on two columns, and you are supposed to associate items on column b with the related items on column a
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