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Post by wanadli »

Hello there,

I was wondering if anyone has issue viewing the cmi.interactions report?

When we click on the stats icon on the scorm content, it will display history and/or interactions.
The history link is working fine but when i click on the interactions link, it displays and empty page.

If we look inside /doceboLms/modules/organization/orgresults.php, there a function called getInteractionsTable($id_user, $idtrack). This function is suppose to parse the XMLDATA taken from learning_scorm_tracking table. However, i noticed that inside that XML data, there is no cmi.interaction data captured.

Anybody came up with a workaround to display the cmi.interactions data?
Thanks in advance

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Re: cmi.interactions

Post by docebogal »

Are you referring to:
Menu/Stats/Learning Object Stats, click on Scorm Object (details-magnifying glass), Click on a user, blank screen ??

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Re: cmi.interactions

Post by max »

I suppose he was referring to
Course Documents>"chart" button

- history is ok, so is the score (if there is one)
- interactions is not

We're aware of that, it's one of the issues we are working on
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