Jitsi for Online Meetings

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Jitsi for Online Meetings

Post by hakangur »

It seems higly likely that the Coronavirus is here to stay with us for some more time - if not forever. In our current circumstances, such online video conference services as Zoom - which was unknown to most of us - and many others have gained great importance. Forma already supports BigBlueButton (BBB). With a simple plugin, it might be possible to support Jitsi as well.

BBB is a wonderful tool; it is open source and free. Unlike Zoom, users do jot need to install a software on their computers/smart phones to run BBB. When BBB is installed on a server together with an LMS, you have a fully functional online teaching environment. However, the task of installing it on a - if possible - dedicated server is not something that everyone can accomplish. You need an IT expert for this.

Similarly, Jitsi is open source and free. As in the case of BBB, Jitsi can be installed alongside an LMS - and, once again, this operation is not a piece of cake. However, Jitsi can also be used without having to install it separately. With the help of a plugin (using meet.jit.si), online conferences can be run within Forma. Such a plugin is available for Moodle (https://moodle.org/plugins/mod_jitsi) and it is quite popular among users (see "Stats") who cannot/will not have a separate BBB installation.

I suggest Forma.LMS developers consider the option of developing a plugin to integrate Jitsi Meet into Forma installations.

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Re: Jitsi for Online Meetings

Post by max »

Hi, thank you for the suggestion.

We normally develop new functions for the corporate environment: we have an integration with Zoom, Adobe Connect, Sky Meeting.
BBB has been inherited and we kept it.

If we had to invest our devs' time I would rather invest it on an integration with MS Teams or Google Meet (we've been asked about them). No company asked us about Jitsi.
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Re: Jitsi for Online Meetings

Post by scubatricky »

I've not heard of Jitsui.

MS Teams, and anything by Cisco will generally be widely supported in corporate circles. We regularly use Cisco Jabber and Cisco Webex for conference trainng.

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Re: Jitsi for Online Meetings

Post by alberto »

A commercial plugin is also available to integrate Logmein GotoWebinar
I know Webex integration is being evaluated by some forma partner

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