LDAP Issue

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LDAP Issue

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Running Forma V1.0 and we are hooked up utilizing LDAP, what's strange is I have some users that can't login to Forma as it gives them an invalid password error. But then I have users that can login just fine. I've looked at the LDAP server and the Active Directory, everything adds up. What could be causing the disconnect for Forma?

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Re: LDAP Issue

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Hi John
FormaLMS send user's data to the LDAP server and then receive response from it: than log in the user or notify that an error occurs.

So I think that you must investigate your LDAP server (Active Directory)
check if the users (that can not log in ) is in the correct folder or is in a a subfolder or in a differrent tree of the AD. check if the organization and all other AD data of the "non login" users are correct .

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