Installation - stuck at Step 2

Install and configure FormaLMS and DoceboCE
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Installation - stuck at Step 2

Post by boughen »

I am having trouble getting past step 2 of the installation. It is the mime_content_type() OFF issue that others have had, the difference is I am using a shared host so I do not have access to the PHP.ini file. I spoke to support and they directed me to the advanced settings where I can add a user-configured MIME type. So what I need to know is what MIME type and extension(s) I need to register to have this proceed.

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Installation - stuck at Step 2

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there are a lot of files and mime-type that you can define.
All the file that you want to upload ( zip, doc , docx , pdf , ... ) must be defined and described with a mime type.

The install procedure check the existance of the php function mime_content_type() and block your installation procedure if the function is not found.

As a work around, you can install on a local environment and then upload the db ( with a tool like phpmyadmin ) and the config.php file generated by the installation to your public host

Then you can define your user-configured mime type
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Re: Installation - stuck at Step 2

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Php function mime_content_type() has been deprecatet due security reasons, in stead is necessary migrate to finfo_file:

If nobody has make this change I go to do in the nexts days.

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