Access to latest version

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Access to latest version

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As the software is open source and distributed with GPL headers, why must someone pay to access the latest version? This is not free, as the advertising says :ugeek:

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Re: Access to latest version

Post by alberto »

In Forma LMS, differently than other similar open source products, the software is owned by the forma.association itself and not by a private company: this will ensure anyone who is investing his time and money in Forma LMS that it will remain free and open source.

Mantaining such a project has costs, covered by the forma.association through the annual membership fees.

Reserving the latest feature releases only to members and contributors is the only way we have at the moment to thank them for their active participation and support, and is fully compliant with the GPL licence.

If you don't like this model you are free to move to any other open source LMS: just please don't be mean and be respectful of all the efforts and the work of the people that have been working years to keep this project alive. If you want to know more, please read our story HERE.

Support the project for FREE!

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