Pull data from API

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Pull data from API

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I want to show the user who completed the given courses on our internal portal. Is there a way I can pull this data from Forma in realtime and show it on my customized portal?
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Re: Pull data from API

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What does realtime mean to you?

If you want Forma to send a result to another service in the istant a user completes a course, you have to:

1) develop a webservice on the other side to be called with data posted from Forma
2) integrate the call in the point of Forma that handle the course completion

If you can't develop the webservice, you could follow another way. You should know the idst of the user in forma, then call the api/user/userCourses passing the idst. If you don't know the idst, you should retrieve it by username (api/user/checkUsername).
The API should be called cron, maybe hourly... but this is your task.

If you need help with integrations, you can write me privately.
I'm Jasmines, the One. If you need, you can contact me.
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