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Certificate management

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Hi all, i just installed forma a few days ago, i want to ask about course and certificate. I created the course and add some learning object to be status completed and receive the certificate, but when i try to completing the course to be 100%, it said course not completed. When i see in stat area, the intro is not completed
can you tell me where the intro is and how to fix it, i want certificate to be generated itself without admin. Thank you
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Re: Certificate management

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Hello, first of all you should set a learning object as an end object marker. That way a user will have the status of "complete" on a course. That's the reason why your user is "in progress".

https://docs.formalms.org/reference-gui ... ement.html

Re the intro: well, the stats simply list the L.O.'s in your course. You should know what materials are there in your course....

"Intro" should be one of them. Since it doesn't say what object it is, I suspect it is a folder that you named "intro" and that the user didn't click on.
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