Forum and Forma Website integration

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Forum and Forma Website integration

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Hi everybody,

the Elearning Community Forum and the Forma LMS website are now integrated:

  • Authentication: registered users will be able to easily access with a single login all the present and future services, including downloads, forum, newsletters, and more to come.
  • User Profile: manage your profile preferences and anssocioacion membership in the same place
  • Navigation: the forum is now integrated with the website, under the same domain and navigation, for a seamless user experience
A few more details about this integration:

Already registered?: just login with your user and forum password. If you experience any problem, please completely delete your browser cache. If you were registered to both websites with different usernames, they will both work: just let us know if you have any membership and wish to keep only your former forum account.

Privacy concerns: the and domains and websites are both owned and run by the forma.association, so nothing has changed regarding your data privacy.

This integration will simplify your access, and help us providing you with more integrated services and solutions, hope you will appreciate it :)

If have any doubt or request, please CONTACT US

Have fun!
The Forma Team

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