LMS 4.0.5 Stuck on mylmssite.com/install

Install and configure FormaLMS and DoceboCE
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LMS 4.0.5 Stuck on mylmssite.com/install

Post by kthroc23 »

After unzipping file to my web directory, I go to mylmssite.com/install and the application sits with a blank screen.

I my php is 7.4 please help.
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Re: LMS 4.0.5 Stuck on mylmssite.com/install

Post by nihil »

I'd be happy to help you troubleshoot, but we need some more information to get started. Unfortunately, your current description is a bit too vague for us to pinpoint the issue. To offer the most effective assistance, could you please provide some additional details?

Here are some specific things that would be helpful:

  • Error messages: Are you encountering any specific error messages or unexpected behavior? If so, please share the exact wording of the errors you're seeing.
  • Steps to reproduce: Can you describe the exact steps you're taking when the issue occurs? This will help us understand the trigger and replicate the problem on our end. Is it a new installation or an upgrade from an older version? Sometimes during the upgrade procedure, the old template might not be compatible with the newer one.
  • Server logs: It would be helpful to see the logs of the hosting service you are using
  • Vendor Folder: check if the vendor folder is not empty, sometimes it might happen that the files inside of it need to be reinstalled.
  • Screenshots: If possible, please upload screenshots of the files or the application interface where the issue manifests. This can give us a visual understanding of the context.
We also suggest to use PHP 8.0 because the version you are using it's deprecated. The more information you can provide, the better we can understand the issue and propose potential solutions. Don't hesitate to share any additional details that you think might be relevant.
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Re: LMS 4.0.5 Stuck on mylmssite.com/install

Post by alfa24 »

Provide server logs, it's enough.
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